What Does a CPA Do and How Can They Help?

A CPA in a white shirt assisting a client with IRS problems at a desk in El Paso.

Do you need help dealing with complicated IRS problems? A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in El Paso can provide the expertise and guidance you need. CPAs are trusted financial professionals specializing in taxation, accounting, auditing, and financial consulting services. They can help individuals, businesses, and organizations with their finances and handle any possible IRS problems. […]

9 Important Things First-Time Parents Should Know When Filing Their Taxes

Mother working from home with daughter sitting on her lap

Bringing a new member to the family brings about many changes, meaning your taxes can be affected. As a parent, you automatically qualify for many tax credits. As a first-time parent, you may have been aware of this, but there is much more that can apply to your return depending on your family situation. We […]

A Guide to Business Tax Breaks During the Holidays

A businessman speaking on the phone with a client

Did you know that around 729 billion dollars are spent in the US during the holidays? These numbers should not surprise you, considering how many people you account for in your holiday budget. As a business owner, you probably have employees and customers on your list. This is the best time of the year to show your […]

What The Stimulus Checks Mean For Your Taxes

Ben Franklin representing the IRS with eyes scratched out showing Stimulus checks

We’ve finally begun to receive our third stimulus check. Although it technically counts as a second check since the amount has been tied to the $600 check we received a few months ago. This makes it the $2000 amount that was originally promised to all of us. However, now that we’ve gotten this free money […]

Are You Prepared For Tax Season?

Alarm with a post it reminding about tax season

The New Year brings in a new tax season. It’s a simple time for many but for others a much more complicated process. Depending on your lifestyle and what you’re involved with in regards to owning a business, it can get a little overwhelming. However, the majority of people who do file taxes at times […]

Record-Keeping Habits To Start Into The New Year

Record-keeping for business receipts

It’s never too late to prepare for the new year. It’s also never too early to start prepping either. Many major companies and successful businesses start thinking of the next year in January. It doesn’t matter when you start, but you have to start. If you keep track of your records, which means receipts, transactions, […]

10 Things You Can Use As Tax Write-Off For Your Business

Conceptual photo about Tax Write-Off with handwritten phrase.

Having your own business can mean many exciting things, from acting as your own boss, having control over your products and services, and making your income from your hard work. Along with that, the perk of investing in your business and what to use as a tax write-off for what you spend. This can make […]

How To Get Ahead Of The 2021 Tax Season

circle the 15th date on a calendar with the words "Tax Day" written in bold red text

Well, tax season has come and gone once more. Have you thought about anything you could have done better? Anything new that may have thrown you off, maybe you just got married or now you have children or a new business. Simply put, there are many factors that can change how you do your yearly […]

How the IRS Calculates Your Income Tax

The U.S. tax system and codes are rather complex to understand. When calculating the amount of federal income tax you owe, the IRS goes through several steps, such as excluding certain items from your income, applying the current tax brackets, and making adjustments for any tax credits you may qualify for. With the broad concept […]

Tax Facts: What You Absolutely Need to Know About Taxes

Tax Day comes only once a year, but for those of us who have to pay taxes, it can feel like a year-round obligation. Whether you file on your own or utilize a tax professional, it is important to be aware of what your filing obligations may turn out to be and how your choices […]