What Does a CPA Do and How Can They Help?

Do you need help dealing with complicated IRS problems? A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in El Paso can provide the expertise and guidance you need. CPAs are trusted financial professionals specializing in taxation, accounting, auditing, and financial consulting services. They can help individuals, businesses, and organizations with their finances and handle any possible IRS problems. Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC is a full-service accounting and tax firm that provides quality services to its clients. 

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What Is a CPA?

An El Paso Certified Public Accountant or CPA is a financial professional who is qualified to provide financial advice, prepare and certify financial statements, and provide financial planning services. To become a CPA, individuals must meet specific requirements, such as passing a uniform exam administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and meeting their state’s licensing requirements. 

CPAs are qualified to work with a variety of organizations, from small businesses to multinational corporations, and specialize in areas such as tax, financial statement preparation, and consulting. A CPA can provide valuable services and insights to help clients achieve their financial goals.

What Services Does a CPA Provide?

When you hire a CPA, the services they offer can vary widely. Some El Paso CPAs specialize in certain areas of accounting, like taxes, while others provide a more holistic financial picture.

Here are some of the most common types of services:

  • Taxes: If you own a business, pay taxes on rental properties or have investments that generate income, then you need to file an annual tax return. A CPA can help with this process by setting up your records and ensuring everything is in order when it comes time to file.
  • Accounting: An experienced accountant can set up your bookkeeping system so that it’s easy for you to find important information about your company as needed throughout the year. They’ll also be able to advise on how best to manage your finances based on their experience working with similar companies and individuals over time.
  • Business advisory: If you’re thinking about starting a business or already own one but need to know how to get it off the ground, a CPA can help. They can advise you on how to set up your business legally and ensure all of the financial aspects are in order.
  • Payroll administrators. Payroll is an intricate procedure comprising many components, so don’t hesitate to question your staff. With the aid of a CPA, you can be sure that your employees are paid on schedule while all payroll taxes, insurance premiums, and retirement deductions are correctly deducted.
  • Forensic accounting. A CPA can do investigative accounting or fraud auditing, which examines the records for any indications of unlawful activity, such as embezzlement or tax evasion. Through this, your CPA will assist you in discovering the source of any lost money or if there are any suspicions that your business partner may be taking advantage of you.

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