What You Need to Know About Bookkeeping Firms and Audits

calculator and pen on top receipt at bookkeeping firm in el paso

Not all bookkeeping firms in El Paso are prepared to help individuals and businesses being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. An IRS audit can mean you need to prepare piles of paperwork and be prepared to explain any financial transactions in question.  With any IRS audit, you face the risk that you will end up owing taxes and penalties if investigators believe you have undeclared income or you declared excessive deductions.

At Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC, our experienced bookkeeping firm has helped many clients in the El Paso area successfully navigate the auditing process. Whether we did your taxes and you are facing an audit or you simply need help after receiving an audit notice from the IRS, we are here to help.

What IRS Audits Are Looking For

IRS audits take different forms, depending on the nature of the business and the specific information in question. In some cases, you will just be sent a letter in which the IRS asks for additional information to explain what looks like missing income or an unjustified deduction.  These inquiries can be straightforward for El Paso residents to fix, but you should still speak with a bookkeeping firm about what information you need to offer and what to do if you can not answer the IRS query.

A Trusted Bookkeeping Firm in El Paso

Some other audits are much more comprehensive and involve a need to meet with IRS auditors who are going to delve more deeply into your personal or business finances.  These types of audits should be handled with help from bookkeeping firms in El Paso because of the significant potential consequences that can result.  Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC knows what the IRS looks for an in audit and what the process entails so we can help you at every step.


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