Tips for Resolving IRS Problems

a man with irs problems with his head on his desk and paper strewn about haphazardlyTax day has come and gone, and some of us are breathing a sigh of relief. For the countless Americans who have facing surprising IRS problems this year, however, taxes are still a source of anxiety. Luckily, a certified public accountant can help you resolve tax disputes quickly and effectively. The team of Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper is ready to help.

Avoid IRS Problems By Beginning Tax Planning Early

Most of us do everything we know how to do to submit our taxes correctly and prevent IRS problems, but it is easy to miss steps. Working with a tax professional to crunch numbers before submitting your taxes will ensure that you cover your bases and can save you a lot of frustration in the future. Working with a professional accountant is especially important if you have any major life changes during the year. Individual taxpayers should work with an accountant if they have changed jobs or careers, changed marital status, bought or sold a house, etc. This will help taxpayers to anticipate changes in taxes that are associated with changes in income.

Resolve IRS Problems

Sometimes, tax problems hit us despite our most calculated efforts. Here are a few expert recommendations for facing unexpected IRS problems.

  • Contact the IRS
    • If you are notified of outstanding taxes or penalties, don’t hesitate to call the IRS to get firsthand information. An IRS officer will likely work with you by talking you through the issues at hand and instructing you about what money or finances are owed.
  • Look into OIC or Installment Repayment Programs
    • The IRS offer in compromise (OIC) is a settlement between the IRS and the taxpayer for less than the full amount owed. Usually, those who can pay their taxes through installments don’t qualify for an OIC, but it may be good to explore your options. A certified public accountant can help you assess your tax problems in light of your financial situation.
  • Work with a Tax Professional
    • Taxes are complicated, plain and simple. Working to straighten out tax problems can be a huge burden for people who already have to deal with the various stressors in work and life. A certified public accountant can help you navigate through the process of resolving IRS problems quickly and effectively. Whether you accidentally took the wrong deductions, miscalculated expenses, or had a hard time tracking down paperwork, a tax professional can help you get back on track.

Don’t Let Tax Problems Get You Down

At CRRC, we know how disconcerting tax problems can be. We also know how to deal with them! We have experience working with a wide range of clients – from entrepreneurs to nonprofit executives – and we offer first-rate help with tax planning, IRS audits, and other tax-related services. Don’t let tax problems get you down. Contact us today!