An Advisor that Your Business Needs to Have

Dbearded gardener holding a tablet with a quickbooks advisor helping himo you need QuickBooks advising for your business in El Paso?  Many businesses tend to not appreciate the efficiency of QuickBooks accounting software. These businesses miss out on the benefits of a QuickBooks advisor. Here at Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush, & Cooper, LLC we are a Certified Public Accounting firm that can explain the benefits of a QuickBooks advisor. 

Accounting Needs and QuickBooks Advising

Many small businesses will buy QuickBooks and use it for book entries showing revenues and expenditures. A QuickBooks advisor can basically help the business get more out of the software. So, here are a few things you can expect to do with some Quickbooks advising that will improve your business.

  • Keep within the budget and determine when a large expense will occur. This is based on the cash flow.
  • Determine what revenue streams to focus on and which to downgrade according to the profit and loss statement
  • See the business liabilities regarding debts owed to suppliers and if there is cash to pay them.
  • Send out invoices and their reminders.
  • Help tax filing by exporting tax data
  • Show the business’ viability and risk to potential business partners and lenders.

What to Expect From a Quickbooks AdvisorAn advisor giving quickbooks advising to a young team of small business owners

Since the software is just an extension of what is manually done by a qualified CPA, you will get the most out of an actual CPA as well that knows what they are doing. They should also be familiar with financial regulations. Setting the wrong rates can also have very damaging results. Look for someone familiar with all the regulations in the industry. So, if you are in international business, you will want to have an advisor with the necessary international tax knowledge.

The best way to get a QuickBooks advising firm is through a referral. A highly recommended advisor will undoubtedly 3 do a good job for you. For QuickBooks advising in El Paso, Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush, & Cooper, LLC is a good starting point.