Professional Help to Avoid IRS Audits

a man in an office smiling as his team works behind himIt has been said that public speaking is humanity’s number one fear, and this is followed closely by the fear of dying. Fear of heights, the fear of spiders, and the fear of IRS audits also fall somewhere on the list of ultimate fears.  Filing taxes is an incredibly daunting task. Hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down each year to provide the paper for IRS instructions and forms, and billions of these forms are sent out each year. For the tax filer, there is nothing more confusing than filling out piles of paperwork and sorting through countless receipts to compile an accurate and complete tax report. No wonder we make mistakes! Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC, is here to help. 

How Tax Filing Affects Non Profits and Business Execs

The tax filing process is even more of a challenge for entrepreneurs, non profits, or business executives. They are required to provide the IRS with documentation of expenses, gross income, donations, etc., and they must keep up with changing tax legislation to make sure their taxes are up to par. Those entrepreneurs or non profits who fail to file their taxes correctly may end up facing IRS audits, and this lurking fear can cause the tax season to be much more stressful than it even has to be!

A Stress Free Solution

Luckily, we are not forced to face our taxes alone. Tax aid organizations, such as Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC, provide services such as accounting, book keeping, and tax preparation. These services are incredibly affordable – costing less than it would to hire a new employee. And for the busy and creative entrepreneur who wishes to avoid an IRS audit but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to feel confident about filing taxes solo, the help of a tax service is truly invaluable.

Letting Go of Our Fear of IRS Audits

Without dispute, filing taxes is among one of the most stressful and frustrating things that we do as American citizens. Though we appreciate the social benefits we receive from the government tax system, many tax filers are anxious about making a simple mistake in their calculations or claims that could lead to unwelcome backlash in the form of audits. If tax season is quickly becoming your greatest fear, this year is as good a time as any to overcome fear by being proactive in seeking help! Tax and bookkeeping services are experts at all things IRS and small business, and they do the math so you don’t have to! With the help of professionals, tax season can be easy-breezy. It’s time to let go of our fear and embrace tax preparation assistance instead! Contact Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC, today.