Why Opt for Outsourced Payroll Services if I Can Do it Myself?

a small business owner speaking to his employees about payroll servicesYou’re a small business owner and you know your employees have needs. Their work needs to be tracked well and they need to be paid accordingly – on time and for the exact amount of hours. The dilemma comes when processing payroll is a task that you no longer have time for, or your employee base grows and each employee has specific payroll conditions.  Managing an entire company’s payroll can become costly and time-consuming! Also, without extensive knowledge of the entire process or without user-friendly software, it’s easy to make mistakes. If your employees are not paid on time and in full, your business will be penalized. With payroll services from Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC, you can leave your worries behind!

When is Outsourcing a Necessity?

Whoever processes your company’s payroll must be able to keep up with any changes in personnel, salaries, and tax requirements. If your payroll expenses are fairly uniform and simple, in-house management is less of a challenge. However, if your payroll consists of different amounts each pay period or if your employees’ schedules and work hours vary from week to week, outsourcing will eventually become a necessity.

How Will I Benefit from Payroll Services?

Reduction in Cost

In-house payroll is costly and often underestimated. Precious time and resources are spent on calculating pay amounts, printing and delivering paychecks, and creating management reports each pay period. Many business owners also find that they save valuable time and money by using a payroll service.


Using a professional payroll company frees up time. This will, in turn, allow management and employees to dedicate more time to the important areas of the business. Your employees’ time is better spent on improving customer service or seeking more business.

Protection from IRS Penalties

According to the IRS, an estimated 40% of small businesses in the United States end up paying penalties of over $800 each year. Some reasons for these penalties include incorrect and late filing. When you use a payroll service, you can ensure that your paperwork is completed and filed on time.

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So, if your business is growing or you want more time to focus on helping it grow, contact Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush & Cooper, LLC. We offer comprehensive payroll services for small businesses as well as tax planning, IRS services, and various financial services. With this in mind, contact us today to find out more.