How Non-Profit Auditors Assist Non-Profits Demonstrate Financial Transparency

Non-profits and charitable organizations perform an incredible function in the world. These selfless agencies don’t just lend their extra time and resources to serve the communities around them – they exist to do so. Because these charitable organizations are tax exempt, non-profits carry a high level of ethical responsibility on behalf of both the public […]

Common Instances Where Non-Profit Auditors Can Help

If you are a self-starter, have an entrepreneurial mind, and are passionate about a cause, you may have a dream of starting your own non-profit. Non-profits are places where dreams meet with innovation to create a sustainable business model. These businesses often invest in local communities, engage with important issues, or organize philanthropy. While starting […]

Non-Profit Auditors and Requirements in Texas

Non-profit auditors aim to determine if a non-profit organization or charitable organization is in compliance with the law.  Non-profits must follow both state and federal rules. Especially when it comes to the usage of contributions. The types of records a non-profit has to keep are also important. Complying with accounting requirements and being prepared for an audit […]

Looking for an Experienced and Trusted Nonprofit Auditor?

Typically, people believe that when it comes to an audit, everyone undergoes the same process. That is a common misconception, but when it comes to a for-profit auditor and a nonprofit auditor, there are some key distinctions. At Clifford, Ross, Raudenbush, & Cooper, LLC, we have experienced doing both and can provide your nonprofit with […]