A Guide to Getting Your 2022 Finances in Order

Bills, savings, and investments are just some of the few things to look after when getting your finances in order. Creating a financial portfolio is one of the best ways to better look at your finances and learn more about what you can do to organize your spending. We list some helpful tips for your 2022 finances. 

Review Spending in 2021 

We’re still early in the new year, so that means you still have time to set an hour or two aside to go through your 2021 spending. Looking at your spending in previous years can allow you to create a new and better-fitting budget. This can also help you by being more aware of your spending and where your money goes.  

Make Use of a Bill-Paying System 

Research shows that the average American is likely to have seven or more bills to pay every month. With so many bills to pay, it can be easy to fall back on a payment. In order to avoid penalties for late payments, consider an automated bill-paying system. There are many services online that can assist in this area of your finances. 

Try Adding More to Your Retirement Plan

Ringing in your 2022 finances is all about making smarter and better choices. Now more than ever, you should consider adding more contributions to your retirement plan. Even if you cannot max out your 401(k) or retirement account, you can still see if there is a way to boost contributions. Even if you have a long ways to go before retiring, adding to your plan now can help you save plenty in the future. 

Deal with Debt and Credit Right Away 

To get a better idea regarding where you stand with your debt, make a list of all the institutions you owe money to. Although this is simple, it can really put your finances into perspective. You should look through your credit report to find any credit card debts or other payments you may owe so that you can start working toward these payments right away. 

Look Over Insurance Policies and Compare 

While you may find it easier to stick to an insurance company, you might be able to save yourself a lot of money by comparing quotes. Car insurance is one place to start. Looking over these policies also ensures you are paying a reasonable amount for just the right amount of coverage. No one wants to overpay on insurance, so this can be a great step to take. 

Keep Financial Documents Organized 

It doesn’t matter if they are hard copies or digital copies. As long as you keep financial documents organized and in a place you can always access, you’re on the right track. You never know when you might need a financial document, and it would be extremely inconvenient to have documents misplaced. Avoid this by creating a document special for your finances. 

Set a Date to Look Over Your Finances Regularly 

Looking over your finances should be done every couple of months, not just at the start of a new year. Keep a calendar on you and mark a day in specific to check on your spending and where your money is going. You can do this once a month or every couple of months, whatever best fits your lifestyle and financial needs. 

Create an Income Timeline 

If you are at the point in your life where you are getting ready to retire, now is the time to learn what portion of your income you will live off of and when. Creating an income timeline can help create a general vision of how much you will be able to access in your retirement funds. This can help you plan accordingly for the future. 

Keep Track of Assets 

The last thing you want coming out of retirement is having to worry about running out of money. In addition to anticipating your retirement funds and income, you should track your asset on a consistent basis. You can review the financial health of assets, including real estate or bonds, in addition to reviewing your retirement funds. 

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